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It’s getting warmer…Is your Air Conditioning ready?

May 6, 2016

Summer is nearly here and the temperate is rising. Many people rely on their air conditioning during long slow commutes to work, stuck in traffic or if you suffer from hay fever and need to keep those windows shut.

During the colder months it’s easy to neglect air conditioning units in our cars. The parts which make up the air conditioning need checking and renewing the same as tyres or brakes. The capacity of air conditioning in vehicles decreases over time, once a car is three years old the air conditioning will need a service. This also keeps the cost down making the unit more efficient.

Up to 70% of dust, direct and pollen is filtered out through the air conditioning evaporator. The unit can reduce moisture in the air reducing that muggy feeling keeping you more alert. If you have children, you will know hot stuffy kids stuck in a car on a long journey is no fun for them or you.

At API Car Repair we can carry out repairs on air condoning refills, diagnosis of problems and repairs. So don’t wait until a hot day to find your air conditioning not working. Check it now and give us a call on 01206 430 074.