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Good Tyres = Good Car

Apr 29, 2016

The importance of having good tyres on your vehicle cannot be underestimated. They are after all the cars only contact between you and the road!

Although tyres are checked at each MOT it is staggering how many people who don’t actually check their tyres between MOT test dates. Tyres should be checked once per month for tread depth, wear and tear and pressure.

  • Tread depth is essential for staying safe on the road giving the car good traction around corners and when braking.
  • Wear and tear can creep up on tyres. Keeping a check on this can reduce the threat of a nasty blowout.
  • Each tyre needs to be at optimum pressure to keep them running smoothly, keep fuel costs down and protect the rest of the car.

These are basic points for tyre care. So check yours TODAY! Or we can check them for you. At API Car Repair we can replace tyres on all makes and models. Give us a call on 01206 430 074.