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Transmission not right, dodgy gearbox driving you crazy?

Jun 10, 2016

The car transmission probably takes the most pounding from the driver along with the tyres and brakes. There are typical indicators to look about for which can be a tell-tale sign that there are problems brewing which need attention:

  • Have you noticed any grinding noises or juddering when driving your car? This can indicate a problem with the gears and clutch especially if this happens regularly when changing gear.
  • Is your car noisy when in neutral? This could mean the fluid levels need looking at and topped up if running low. If this does not correct the issue, then parts may need replacing.
  • Is the car not responding the same when changing gear, is the car slow or sluggish? This can mean the clutch is worn and the gearbox needs attention.
  • Are the gears slipping? Sometimes gears can slip out of place due to worn links in the main bulk of the gearbox. This needs urgent attention.

If you are experiencing any of the above transmission symptoms or if you feel your car is not driving the way it used too, please give API Car Repair a call. We will assess if your car needs a full replacement gearbox or just a faulty part removed so you can be on your way without the noise!