API Car Repairs

Don’t need another MOT shocker?

Jun 3, 2016

Each year nearly 40% of cars fail their MOT test. Nearly everyone has taken their car for an MOT test only to receive a huge shock of a bill to get the vehicle to pass. You may have had a three-year-old car going for its first MOT thinking everything would be OK only to find a major fault.

Once at the MOT testing centre it’s easier to go ahead with the repairs as you need the car back on the road. If you use a main dealer the costs can be even higher. So…Stop, Think and book a pre-MOT check with API Car Repair.

At API Car Repair we can check the majority of the car that will be MOT tested including windscreen wipers, windscreen chips or cracks, mirror glass, brakes, tyre pressure, seat belts, engine oil, tyre tread and lighting to name a few typical areas that cars fail their MOT. These can be easily and cheaply fixed prior to you MOT test date. So why wait for another MOT Shocker? Book with us today.